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Aug 20, 2009
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Shrink tight scaffold sheeting


Just a quick note to introduce Tufcoat 'Scaffwrap' - a unique type of scaffold sheeting that is heat shrunk to create a tightly moulded and continuously bonded skin over the roof and sides of scaffold structures without the holes or gaps typical of traditional reinforced scaffolding sheet. Tufcoat Scaffwrap is recommended for projects where a high level of environmental containment or weather protection is required. Tufcoat are an ISO9001 accredited company and NASC members. For more information visit Scaffold Wrap - 100% containment or call 01752 227333.


The Tufcoat Team.
High Risk Octain Zones and Hot Work Operations


I have viewed you images of Tufcoat posted on the Forum---looks the Biz, however, my Client Base is within the Oil and Gas Industry, is the shrink wrap Fire Proof ?

Anti flammable scaffold wrap

Hi Garry,

The scaffold grade product is certified flame retardant to BS: EN13501 Class B.

You need a heat source to shrink the covering tight and when creating welded joints between sheets and normally a propane gas powered heat gun is used for this but electric hot air tools are available.




it is very good gear, we used it on the cutty sark project,obviously after the fire, but it was very effective
Hi Gary,

Just a bit of an update - We have carried out trials and a presentation for a major Oil and Gas producer offshore and they are happy with a solution that we have put forward. Obviously its non naked flame. If you want more info then please let me know.

Kind regards

Hi Will, we seem to be getting asked more and more for this type of containment. We have always tried to push the client towards the more traditional sheeting as it is what we know and understand. We have had mixed results especially this year with unusually high winds nearly all year round and wondered how easy would it be to use this stuff. We are a very small firm with absolutely no experience using your product and I'm a bit wary it could go horribly wrong at the most critical stage when the client is waiting to use the job. Any information you may have to help the little guy try your product without looking foolish will be gratefully received.
Hi Buddy,

The main difference to this material and traditional sheeting is that it is designed to stay on in high winds. The hardest part of the job (in my opinion) is getting the welds correct. Even our experienced fitters blow holes in the materials but it can be patched up easily but if the welds are not secure than neither is the containment. We offer training sessions for a 4 or 5 man team either at our premises or at your yard and i would advise you take this option prior to going ahead with any job. We also give the option of having a trainer/installer with you and doing an "on site" demo if the job is urgent.

Its like anything - the more you do then the better you get. But i would avoid doing temp roof structures until your guys are confident with it.

Alot of companies have got our install teams out to do a job and have a number of guys observing them as a sort of training option.

We have trained up loads of scaffolders and most of them are doing some very smart jobs out there. If you want more detailed info or numbers/options then pm me or call 01752 227333! :bigsmile:
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