Good deal on truck insurance/renew PL?

big john

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Nov 4, 2010
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I just renewed my truck insurance,7.5 ton iveco,£898 for the year,thought that was a bargain.
I'm renewing my PL with one employee,5 mill cover,been quoted £1820 as the cheapest so far,cheaper than last year,woop woop.
Oops,forgot to put who it was with,d'oh,
Steve Hunt
The truck insurance seems expensive to me but the PL is a bargain by anyone's standards. Glad to hear it's on the way down at last.
That's with only 1 years no claim bonus,that was cheapest I could get anywhere and I had to haggle for that,most of the rest were well over a grand,Steve is still looking for cheaper PL for me as mine doesn't run out till the end of the month,I couldnt sing his praises enough,top bloke.
Glad you are happy, watch em like a hawk though.;)
Have you tried the new forum sponsor?
Try haulsure for 7.5 ton or truck try aviva they do any driver even under 25.and for scaffold ins try fml 01702437800
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