We have long term contracts presently and coming up in Brighton, East Sussex. The jobs will run for a minimum of 7 months, one such contract has started already and has around 4 months remaining.

We are looking for self employed COTS Labourers, Part 1 and Part 2 Scaffolders (Advanced are of course welcome but the firm pays the same money P2/Adv)
The company I work with allows me to pay £13 for a labourer, £16 for Part 1 and £21 for a Part 2/Adv, the job pays 8 hours a day 5 days a week although Saturdays will open on the job as it progresses for those wishing to bag an extra 8 on the weekend.
If you want to start down in sunny Brighton and are currently working, no problem let me know when you are available and I'll short list you for it. If you want to start right now we can take you on the job that is open right now (you maybe moved onto a neighbouring site as it opens)

The company is a major UK construction firm with sites nationwide, I'm not into dangling carrots but I can hand on heart say that once we introduce a decent scaffolder into this firm 90% of the time we keep them busy with work all over the country (mainly London, South Coast)

If you are interested in spending the next few weekends on Brighton Beach... drop me an SMS on 07501218834. Thanks.