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If you have a NVQ on your card you are safe!

If you don't then you need to read this. In 2020 CSCS start their smart technology card systems where all the cards will be chipped. CSCS have already stated that they will not accept grandfather rights or AROE cards. They will only issue skills cards for scaffolders with the correct NVQ in place. If you are an older scaff then you need to check your cards with urgency. If you do not act on this immediately you are going to be sold down the river just like the ECITB Scaffs were.
If you are currently working in management you should also check your cards.

CISRS have not made any statements about this for the simple fact that they can hide behind the CSCS once this hits the headlines. When the reality is you have paid for your courses and your right to work. CISRS are very worried behind the scenes that this could in fact cost them loads of money, as you have all been miss-sold training courses previously. If you are in the union then i strongly suggest you use there legal teams to challenge this as this what you pay for.

A recent Scaffolding Industry Magazine has picked up on this and so far it has gone under the radar.

You Need to ACT NOW..... check out the below links!.... ACT URGENTLY!


I contacted Scaffmag about this but because he is sponsored by the NASC and CISRS he didnt want to post anything. Obviously Cashflow must come before the workforce.


Has this ‘hit the headlines’ yet? 😐