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Thread: Advice for a new scaffolder (Cots)

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    Default Advice for a new scaffolder (Cots)

    Hello, I know there are people here who have been scaffolding for decades. I start my first ever job as a labourer next week (2 weeks trial with connect scaffolding that was organized through a project with the local private housing association) after that I will have to go about potentially finding my own work as a labourer. I've been a general labourer before on site, so I'm not a complete newbie. I have some questions...

    1) What should a newb expect when he is just starting out on site?
    2) How do I get further work in scaffolding with only limited experience and (potentially if all goes well...) one reference?
    3) I can quite easily save up enough money for a part 1 myself- but is a part 1 worth it with limited labouring experience? Or will people potentially over look this as they see someone with the drive to self-fund and is serious about going into scaffolding? The people in charge of my experience say that I will have to wait until September after my 2-week work experience to potentially get a full-time scaffolding trainee position. Until then I will just be general labouring. Is it worth waiting that long to get something, or shall I just try hard to get a cots position somewhere else?
    4) I don't have a driving licence yet (I know working on it), I live in London. Is it possible this may exclude me from opportunities to get experience even though I live close-by to public transport?
    5) Is it worth investing in a harness yet - or not?


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    Good luck in your chosen career.
    There are many experienced guys here who will give you advice.
    I am a bit out of touch with UK as work overseas.
    Think you have to do a COTS course to begin with then part one.
    Just be keen, hard working and turn up on time everyday.
    Daan daang applicant ang sumabak ngunit, anim lang ang napili.


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