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Thread: Plan bracing top of beam . If your are

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    Default Plan bracing top of beam . If your are

    We a have a quadruple beams 750s diamond approx 12 m span
    Drawing shows plans in the top third of the beams
    Top of beams have a chord every metre on band and plate & is a boarded lift
    You can not thread a tube through the 4 beams as per the drawing .
    Because of all the bracing in the beams .
    The plan brace tube are 5 fts
    As we all know the plans are in the top 1/3 for compression
    Any ideas
    We thought of the lowest we could put them in is basically the bottom .
    But you lose 50% of their strength ( really)

    Any one been through this dilemma

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    My first thoughts are the B&P on your alloy beam, if used with the screw to the beam you may give yourself other problems.
    Regards the fitting of the PB, you may need to drop puncheons in on double top chord to bottom chord and PB off the puncheons you may not need to thread between the quad beams but PB in the space between sets of quads.

    Not easy to answer without a full picture of the layout, but as always check with your Engineer
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    As Alan says, difficult to specify the best way without seeing the drawing but could you under sling a lacing tube from the top chord on doubles at 1.0m centres then plan brace from that on swivels? Depends how far apart the 2 central beams are to get a decent angle but you can just brace between them if the lacing tubes are fixed to all 4 beams. The best way to design with 4 diamond beams would be to have the centre bay bigger than the outside 2, rather than 3 equal sized bays so you don't need to plan brace through the beams, just plan brace the centre 2.


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