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Thread: Poem of the Day: Scaffold by Hamish Whyte

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    Cool Poem of the Day: Scaffold by Hamish Whyte the scaffolders of his poem, who make the artistry of their skills look easy, Hamish Whyte offers both wisdom and quiet sophistication in his informal verses. This piece comes from his latest collection, Things We Never Knew (Shoestring Press, £10). Publisher and poet Whyte was born near Glasgow but is now based in Edinburgh. He retains his west-coast connection as an honorary research fellow in Scottish literature at Glasgow University.


    Any scaffold’s a dangerous

    These four men as they climb

    two storeys to the roof

    are so practised they hook

    us like circus performers.

    They’re so relaxed they can afford

    to be daft: one hangs over

    and swings his arms like a monkey;

    one leans nonchalantly rolling

    a cigarette.

    A piece of planking floats upward

    like an Indian club, casually

    caught with one hand by the man

    at the top, the only one without

    a hard hat, the one who slots the poles

    in the holes with unfailing


    There’s a moment of rest; they pose

    one above the other as if for

    an illustration in a picture book.

    They’ve reached that pinnacle

    of art, making the difficult look

    Sense of humour and thick skin is essential in this game

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