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Thread: Changes to tachograph rules

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    Changes to tachograph rules for local journeys

    Soon some vehicles will no longer have to be fitted with tachograph recording equipment and their drivers will not have to comply with EC drivers’ hour rules, but with GB drivers’ hours rules instead.

    From 2 March 2015, a new European regulation – EU 165/2014 (PDF 2 MB) – will replace EEC 3821/85, setting out requirements for the construction, installation, use, testing and control of tachograph recording equipment.

    The new regulation increases the journey distance for exemptions from 50km to 100km from the operator’s base. This will apply to:
    vehicles or vehicle and trailer combinations with a maximum weight of 7,500 kg which are:

    - used to carry materials, equipment or machinery for the driver’s use in the course of his work and when driving the vehicle is not the driver’s main activity
    - used to carry goods and which are propelled by natural or liquefied gas or electricity
    vehicles used to carry live animals from farms to local markets, or from markets to local farms or slaughterhouses

    From 2 March 2015, these vehicles will no longer have to be fitted with tachograph recording equipment and the drivers will not have to comply with EC drivers’ hour rules. Instead, drivers of these vehicles must meet GB domestic drivers’ hours rules.

    Download and read these rules from
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    well its long overdue drivers of livestock waste are on a log book system I have always said local none delivery drivers should be exempt at least the distance from base as the crow flies as increased and while were at it you should have stronger axles on 7.5tonners so you can carry 5ton mine was always overloaded just for a pair of garages 3.5 ton of gear don't go for these days not with all the bellocks you have to put in jobs now.

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    I believe it's a 100km radius of the yard, but should still cover most scaff wagons!

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    Whilst on this subject can I just share this experience.
    We had a job in North wales that needed to be taken down. So I set off and stick a tacho in the truck as we are going out of our 30mile radius. as we hit northwales vosa pulls me and checks wagon over which was fine then ask for my tacho, shows him the tacho and he asked for the last 28 days of them, I explain to him that this wagon never goes outside the 30 mile radius except for today (the job was put up in the 18 tonne wagon) so he wanders off into his little office comes back and says you have an 18tonner "yes that's correct" well then he says he needs to see that wagons tachos I ask how when its back in Bolton on another job and he says I will have to go back for them and I can't continue my journey, so to cut a long story short after he threatened to fine me £300 and odd quid, he says he did me a favour and allowed me to have a temporary prohibition notice lasting 24 hrs as we was only just still within our 30 radius and had to return back to base, this after paying labourer and fuel to North wales. Only to set off again the next morning but this time in the 18 tonner.

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    What a crock of *****! He'd pulled a 7.5 ton wagon which was ok, so decided I need to see them tacho's. ******** that, I'm not having that's right! I'd find out and do um for loss of earnings as well as wages etc.

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    Vosa are a joke I'm a scaff with hgv and cpc and I got stopped by these ****** up London and I had to show the last 28 days which consisted of different lorries and he said to me you could be 1 mile away from your base but you stool need to use a tacho in all lorries. These ******* make it up as they go along

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