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Thread: Employers NI deductions???

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    Default Employers NI deductions???

    Ok im currently working through one of these fooking shady agencys who then use another shady company to pay me and take a fee for the pleasure of it! However i have noticed they are deducting my NI contributions as they should but also employers NI as well which amounts to more than what mine are! Can they do this? Im contemplating jacking it just so they dont get anything i work hard to earn - vampires!

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    Under normal circumstances no -in actual fact i thought the idea of these agencies were to avoid their NI liability for you by keeping you in self emplyed status( something of a grey area @ the mo under the new employment regs unless your under the banner of a company such as Hudsons who are excepted by hmrc) - if your still self employed then your only deduction should be 20% cis.-if however your under paye then firstly you shouldnt be paying any fees to get your wages buf you would be expected to pay class 2 NI which is 9% of your wage which is capped at a maximum of £69 your employer by law will contribute a further 10% which is uncapped (this is your employers liability not yours) if they are doing anything differnt from this then it sounds a bit suspect & i would threaten to report it to hmrc if they didnt refund
    perhaps one of the forum sponsors such as Better tax may be able to shed more light on it for you

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    If you are happy to leave this bunch I would take up the matter with HMRC just for the craic.

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    That most certainly does not sound correct! Either you're self-employed and sort your own NI out (at class 4 & 2) or you are employed (PAYE) and you AND your employer contribute. You should not be paying employer contributions.

    I would definitely query it with them, find out exactly what the deductions are and why. If you have any further problems it might be worth a chat with Citizens Advice and you could also tell them you will be asking HMRC about it.

    Good luck with getting it sorted.

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    After speaking with a c**t of an MP , calling HMRC and being told that its my own fault for taking employment in this capacity , then being denied FOI requests about certain matters. Nowt can be done about this. Might be good paying 90 quid of tax out of 1300 but the tax rebate of thousands is gone forever. 20% tax , looking after your own NI and a rebate at end of year will/should always be the preferred option. Its not difficult to see why the tax man is letting the umbrellas operate. CU*TS
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