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Thread: A Bit Of A Promo!

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    Yawn, how much you gonna steal off each client this time? 30%, maybe 40% now?
    Quote Originally Posted by joebag View Post
    Whos investigating it mike..

    .is it columbo,

    is it taggart or maybe a pi such as magnum....

    tell you what make a call to the yanks and get em to fuk that plane search of and get there vast resources on it....

    if carlsberg made pathetic cretinous kunts.......

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    yawn backatcha, big boy... how much longer are you gonna spout your misinformation?

    How can it be stealing when it's an agreed fee? It's paying for a service you want to employ someone to do... a bit like, say, paying for scaffolding and safety services...

    Now run along and stop trolling us. I don't get involved in threads you splurge on so how about you spare me the same consideration. I think you'll find everyone here is grown up enough to make their own informed decision, about you and us. You're just tedious now.

    Getting back on topic... for everyone else, just make sure you get your tax returns done and whoever does them for you, knows what they are doing.

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