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  1. Ya can check out some pictures in my album.
  2. Aye, hammy....I'm all over the place. Rigs, ships and barges...ship yards etc. in my time off I give mick a dig out. It's all interesting work. If ya have a landline, I can call ya from the ship, and have a natter with ya.
  3. There's only one anto.... How ya getting on? I had a pint with Neil a couple of weeks ago... I'm back at work now... Had a few weeks leave. I was in Gulf of Mexico for 6 month, now I am off the coast of Norway.
    Tipping away as usual.. I hope you haven't gt one of those Gammy Ozzie accents. What's the crack?
  4. Yea Anto this is Hammy from Ireland
    I am living in Australia with the past 3 yrs
    Is this Dublin Anto
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