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  1. we're just strippin a job on a new retirement home, but he now thinks he's an advanced scaff cause he's been takin out 16' toppers @ knee height!! hahaha
  2. bristol.....! at least your not sitting idle when the sheeting is quite.... martin turning the spanner!!!! im surprised he remembered which way to turn the spanner...! or is he just signing tags? i will drop him a text... I'll wind him up./.be good for now sean...
  3. good that you got to see your boys birthday mate, not good you were in the north sea.
    yeah i did ardnacrusha with a couple of other lads, just waiting for the call from mick for the next one.
    martins good, still a pain in the arse! you should drop him a text.
    the sheeting has gone a bit quiet at the mo so i'm back on the spanner, me and martin have been scaffin in bristol.
  4. Hi Sean,, good to hear from you mate... I never made it to sicily,,, I spent 5 weeks out of 8 at sea,, the ship was called on to do a job 50 miles north west of shetland Island, so much for sunshine... I got off at rotterdam on tuesday,, ship is en route to isreal, then it will head to sicily,,,, I will hook bk up with it in about 3 weeks, give or take... I took the opportunity to get off for my wee son's 3rd birthday. How you getting on, you do that job in the powerstation for mick??? how is martin?
  5. hello anton hows it goin?
    dont know if you remember me... i work for sca and was on brian boru bridge and the prospect in invergordon.
    how was sicilly?
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