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  1. Hi We have changed our company from Tubular Technique to Scaffold Designers now. Can I send you our revised Logo so that you can update. Also can you change all the entries on the site to Scaffold Designers Ltd. The email address is still the same Thanks
  2. Hi SF Admin

    Sorry think I posted the Scaffold Collapse in Swindon in wrong section. Can you move it to Scaffold News as that is place for all this sort of info ?

  3. Hi Admin

    Thanks for putting our details on the Company section of the website.

    What do you charge for the advertising on the front sheet of the website and for sponsoring the section of website.


    Chris Burch
    Tubular Techniques Ltd
    01732 370 300
    07792 495 033
  4. Hi Chris and Welcome. I am glad you like the site. Your contributions will be highly valued and it's great to have another designer on board!


    SF Admin
  5. Hi SF Admin
    Just joined this site,

    It is a good site for scaffolders and others in the Industry to chat.

    I have added some links on my website so that it will generate more interest.

    Good luck with the site.

    All the best

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