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  1. for some reason I thought it was this week which is also sat 14th. march it is.
  2. No down on the 14th march which is a sat.
  3. are you down this week bud??
  4. Cheers buddy. We all had a good christmas, how was yours?.
  5. Hi Den, Hope you had a good one. just picked up your xmas message.old Thats some tat mate,luv it.
  6. Gonna go wrap your prezzie up and post tomorrow Den, I see pips on line, dont wanna scare him off, so will log in later. adios amigo.
  7. Used it today Den, its the nuts,basically a wire hook,will send one off to you this week for your approval and endorsement
  8. Ok pal.
    Gonna have a go at sketching them fittings for ya at some point this week.
  9. Hi Den, made a few iw holders, gonna trial them at work this week. Simple as fuk, old skool wire frame works left and right hand,needs a little tweek with a safty strap maybe.also holds a tape. Send u a pic ,see what you think??
  10. Den,gotta pop out,so off the forum for now. Shall I pack some sikbags and wet wipes for tommorra lol
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