View Full Version : % on labour and materials invoicing

30th January 2018, 06:15 PM
Had the business set up 12 months but have just had a customer who is set up with CIS to pay tax for sub contractors,
What percentage do other put down as material and labour. Am I right in thinking I only get taxed on labour?

31st January 2018, 05:17 PM
Hi mate if you registered for cis it's 20% of the labour if your not registered it's 30%, once you've made 30k you can register for gross payment so don't get taxed on any of it, I've been going for 8 months i do a 90% materials 10% labour so if I get a £1000 job only have to pay £30 if anyone questions it I say a job only takes a day or 2 put up and is up for at least 6 weeks so the hire of the materials is much greater. Hope that helps