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20th March 2014, 08:28 AM
At the risk of you know what <sigh> here's just a quick heads up really.

The new tax year starts 6th April. Any time after that, if you are PAYE or CIS you'll want to claim back tax against work expenses.

We also do sole trader tax returns but chances are we wouldn't hear from you until nearer January 31st, because you'll more than likely owe tax!

Our fees have been worked out to be fair to all occupation statuses and can be seen on our Tax Returns Fees (http://bettertax.org/howitworks/tax-return-fees) page.

If you're interested in having us help you - that would be wonderful! There's no time like the present to register, so it's all set up by April. Annnnddddddd - we're running a special offer for new clients!

Sign up and bring a mate with you and get £20 cashback. (http://bettertax.org/about/special-offers) We still run our referral scheme (http://bettertax.org/about/tax-n-beers) and that has been reviewed also with £300 up for grabs.

If you are already a client, we're ready and waiting to get cracking after 6th April. You can always get in touch now and have a quick chat.

And don't forget, our working practice has been thoroughly looked at by HMRC, and they say:

“I am happy to say that the revised pre-return processes and procedures, will indeed put Bettertax in a much better position to ensure accurate Returns”
HM Inspector of Taxes

Which means that not many tax agents out there can deliver as safe and secure tax work as us.

Thanks! Have a great day and many happy tax returns!

20th March 2014, 08:40 AM
What can I claim back for PAYE? Bearing in mind I have a van and fuel card. Cheers

20th March 2014, 09:46 AM

As UK income tax grows more complex, the number of HMRC tax forms has jumped from 402 in 1990 to 677 by 2014. HMRC hands the accountants business on a silver platter when they create special interest tax forms such as “8845-Indian Employment Credit” and “8834-Qualified Electric Vehicle Credit.” When HMRC penalises an activity, I get tax forms such as “6197-Gas Guzzler Tax.” Is it time to end this micromanaging and adopt a simple flat-rate tax?

I am totally baffled as to whether or not my current accountant is massaging my returns to the full extent of what is possible, without going to prison for fraud.

Can you help?

20th March 2014, 11:00 AM
Thought you were PAYE?
I keep getting mail saying I have overpaid UK tax and am entitled to a large rebate.
Seeing as I don't pay UK tax do you think these are scams?

20th March 2014, 11:21 AM

Without knowing your other expenditures its impossible to say what you'd be due back. Certainly mileage makes up large proportions of a tax rebate, so in your case, there probably wouldn't be any - unless you are paying these expenses yourself.

As always, call the office for a quick chat, to see what is there. It could well be its something you can do yourself.


You probably have the most complex tax situations than anyone I know. I think your accountant deserves every penny he can squeeze out of you for his time, effort and probable patience :D. Maybe he prefers massage to cooking?


These phishing emails do the rounds all year. Our advice is always: HMRC are NOT that helpful, would not email to volunteer money back to you... nor would they attach zip files which many small businesses have been receiving and the attachment contains a cryptolocker virus that is almost impossible to recover all data from... unless you pay up $400 :mad:

2nd April 2014, 08:59 AM
Just bumping this because we are getting close to the new tax year starting... you must want to get some tax back?!

2nd April 2014, 11:51 AM
Still leeching on here I see.

2nd April 2014, 01:11 PM
Still being an idiot on here I see & just can't wind your neck in?

2nd April 2014, 02:51 PM
My opinion of you hasn't changed, you're still leeching off the working man on here.

2nd April 2014, 03:45 PM
And my opinion of you hasn't changed. Moreover, what you think about anything, let alone us, is of no interest to me except that you believe other people are stupid for letting us "leech off them". A low opinion you have of your fellow professionals.

Now please stop bothering us. I get fed up with your constant little snipes about matters that are nothing to do with you. You're not a client, you never have been a client nor will you be a client - but that didn't stop you "leeching" some free advice from us when you had your own tax agent anyway? Just what was that about anyway!

3rd April 2014, 05:10 AM
Yawn, how much you gonna steal off each client this time? 30%, maybe 40% now?

3rd April 2014, 07:35 AM
yawn backatcha, big boy... how much longer are you gonna spout your misinformation?

How can it be stealing when it's an agreed fee? It's paying for a service you want to employ someone to do... a bit like, say, paying for scaffolding and safety services...

Now run along and stop trolling us. I don't get involved in threads you splurge on so how about you spare me the same consideration. I think you'll find everyone here is grown up enough to make their own informed decision, about you and us. You're just tedious now.

Getting back on topic... for everyone else, just make sure you get your tax returns done and whoever does them for you, knows what they are doing.