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19th June 2010, 07:28 AM
Hey i know all this rules and regs are for the better but come on how far is it going to go where will it end , its just slowing the industry down . In New Zealand where i am at present the rules and regs have not quite caught up with the UK as they take the lead from the UK .

19th June 2010, 08:21 PM
there is so much more to come for the scaffolding industry, the HSE are on to the scaffolding industry big time, btw where in new zealand are you? me & my mrs nearly came over to wellington, would still like to go to new zealand;)

paddy carr
19th June 2010, 09:36 PM

Australia (Just a short swim from you) Have some of the best H&S rules around, There TU Safety Reps have as much power as our HSE inspectors I.E. UIN (Union Improvement notices) Right to stop the job,PINS (Provisional Improvement notices) and a right to be consulted, backed up by law, i think this is in Victoria, however, i stand to be corrected.

19th June 2010, 10:38 PM

We are in a place called Dunedin in the south island and been here for two years but now we are coming back to the UK as the lifestyle and work ethic is not for me , in the two years i have had three accidents caused by the idot scaffolders over here but hey thats just my experience here

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Paddy Carr

I have been to Australia a couple of times and all though im not up on there health and saftey regs what i do know is the quality of the scaffolds erected is quite poor and as in New Zealand the quality of the training providing is very low , i know this as i have just completed the New Zealand advanced ticket as our british tickets are not valid in Austrlia and New Zealand . The equivelent to Hse in New Zealand is called osh and the department of labour where they do have the power to stop work on jobs and also to suspend scaffold tickets for work that is poor or in some cases where the scaffolder has done something that has caused harm to others , but i think the problem starts with the clients as the quality they expect is very low , for example last year i was given a job which was 18 lifts fully boarded so the first day when i was basing out i started with six foot standard spacings and straight away i was told that i was wrong because they build in 2.4 standard spacing regardless also i was putting ledger bracing in at every other standard and again that was wrong as they just put a ledger brace on the ends of the scaffold and every other lift but the another one is the toe boards they dont use them (a 18 lift fully boarded job without no toe boards ) . I could go on and on

4th May 2011, 08:48 PM
Hi paul if you think thats bad don't come to South Africa to work.

Good Luck mate