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SF Admin
4th September 2009, 01:52 PM
We are pleased to announce that BuyBrandTools.Com (http://www.buybrandtools.com) will be the Scaffolding Tools Forum (http://www.scaffoldersforum.com/scaffolding-tools/) Sponsor.

BuyBrandTools.Com sell a wide range of Scaffolding Tools (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/Scaffolders_Tools.html) including;

Scaffold Spanners (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/scaffold_spanners.html)
Scaffolding Tool Belts (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/scaffolding_tool_belts.html)
Scaffolders Spirit Levels (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/scaffolders_spirit_levels.html)
Tool Safety Lanyards (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/tool_safety_lanyards.html)
Bahco Wrenches (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/Adjustable_Wrenches.html)
Tool Bags (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/Tool_Bags.html)
Gorilla Tubs (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/Gorilla-Tubs-Trugs.html)
Measuring Tools (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/Measuring_Tools.html)
Workwear / PPE (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/personal_protective_equipment.html)
Scaffolders Hard Hats (http://www.buybrandtools.com/acatalog/hard-hats.html)
And Much Much More!

BuyBrandTools.Com (http://www.buybrandtools.com) have over 20 years of experience in the tool industry and aim to provide the best quality brand tools at the best prices, whilst offering the best customer service available.

BuyBrandTools.Com (http://www.buybrandtools.com) have helped to fund the development of the Scaffolders Forum and we hope to have a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with them.

Neil from BuyBrandTools.Com will be joining the forum shortly to help provide advice on Scaffolding Tools and Workwear, to answer any questions you may have, and will provide the Scaffolders Forum with BuyBrandTools latest special offers.

SF Admin