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Armour Scaffold
5th August 2011, 07:49 PM
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21st September 2011, 03:03 PM
hello armour scaff , what is the pay like for scaffolders in canada?

Armour Scaffold
2nd October 2011, 08:35 PM
Hi ksummersgill,

It really depends on where you are working and your experience level. In large centers such as Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary a scaffolder can make a really good living.

24th November 2011, 11:47 AM
Dear SIR,

I am Shan, having experience more than 14 years in offshore marine field as a Scaffolding Supervisor cum Inspector.

Having Group of people (Indians), they are very skillful certified scaffolders and with several years experience. Especially excellent in suspended scaffolding (Hanging scaffolding ) and other types of scaffolding too, with 100% safety. If can sponsor for minimum 2years contract, we’re willingly to work. We are right now in Singapore, working at marine / offshore side. If you have any Project start and complete successfully, call us.

For more details,




+65 84507760

27th December 2013, 05:37 PM
Hello armours scaffold,I'm looking at going over to Canada shortly.funded by myself.ive been scaffolding for over 10yrs.got my tickets.also my tag ticket.wondered if your taking any uk scaffs on.or you could point me in the direction who are.thanks.leecooper1971@hotmail.com

20th May 2014, 08:15 PM
Hi there armour,Iam an advanced scaffolder of 12 years currently in the oil and gas sector in the UK, Iam looking to make the big move over to canada permanently, I have my CV ready on request and would appreciate any advise givin and a point in the right direction