What PL Limit Are You Required To Carry?

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Sep 22, 2010
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Hi everyone.

I am curious as to which level of Public Liability you are required to carry - almost all of our clients require £5,000,000 at least, and often many council contracts require contractors' to carry as much as £10,000,000 for small jobs. Obviously these demands affect the smaller companies who have to fork out for extra cover PL coverage which is not necessarily needed for the jobs being undertaken. Do any councils still exist who will grant you a permit for a lower than £5 million indemnity limit???
10 million mate all councils want it down this end
Northamptonshire want 10 million while Peterborough only want 5 million!!!
10 million up here as well, everyone wants 10 no matter what size you are.:(
10m here as well
Interestingly when i spoke to the council i pointed out that this would only cover the scaffolding and not the works carried out off of it
And what level did the contractors have
Go figure
Ten Million In Dundee And Angus Gents, Im Pretty Sure Tayside Region Is Ten Million As Well
You can keep your usual limit of £5m and get your insurance broker or insurance company to do you an Excess of Loss, which means you buy a top up on the PL. At present this is very cost effective.
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