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Jul 31, 2010
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Iam thinking about becoming CHAS accredited and wondering how many of you are , the cost involved , and does it work for you :)
i might be able to help you out a bit there bud , there was something in the hsm magazine about all this i will get bit info for you an either post it on here or pm ok
Don't know bout Chas phil. But Safe Contractor was a pain in the ass kept sending all the paper work back asking for harness registar, asbestos awareness within 12months, did mine in 2005, and a whole host of other sh1t. Give me one big headache,
phil wasnt exactly chas that was in the magazine it was an article about SSIP which has been set up to act as an umbrella organisation to facilitate mutual recognition between health n safety pre qualification schemes.

SSIP - Safety Schemes In Procurement

it includes safecontractor Home - Safecontractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

Exor Management Services

CHAS - The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

check these sites out but they all now come under the umbrella of SSIP

me and a few others use a safety forum phil called Health and Safety for Beginners • View forum - General Discussion

there is people on there i could have a word with for you , some are freelance and would advise you aswell
I had to get CHAS a few years ago to continue working for a company I do work for. I remember looking at google and it looked hard to get but if I remember I had a office visit and a chat bout health and safety and got it. My office at time was a room at home tho and I didn't have any employees so may be diffrent for bigger firms
No experience with this personally Phil but I think I posted somewhere about the boy's I met who spent a fair few quid getting it only to discover few if any contracts were split to deal with scaffold as a separate issue so as long as the mc is registered he can appoint any subby he likes as long as they sign on to all his paper work.

After hearing their story, I decided it was too much hassle, money and quite time consuming for very little reward. As I said this is all second hand information so good luck whatever you decide.
we have it phill , but never got no work thru it , but can skip a few pre qual tender databases on the strength of it , i know someone that can get you a pass mate for a few quid !!!
Once upon a time CHAS was the easiest to get but over the past 18 months and the recession better auditors have joined chasing the pound sign so the stuff you submit has to have more substance. Go down the SSIP route as above and you just qualify for one and all the others are a lot easier.

Ask yourself will it get you more work before you shell out a minimum of 300 quid.
here you go phil posted and ive pm you aswell friend of mine who knows his stuff

London is too far away for me to get 100% involved.

CHAS is run by London Borough of Merton.
But has been adopted nationwide.
It's reletively easy if he has less than 5 employees,
£80 and appendix-2A application form.
Download the CHAS application forms and standards

For more than 5 employees, the audit process digs a little deeper.
They will need more evidence, but nothing to get worried about.
About £160 and appendix-2 application form.

The auditor may ask for more information.
Or, once everything is in place, he gets his letter of compliance.
Then there is the £40 accreditation certificate fee.
You need to be accredited to get onto the supplier database for council work.
(Kier at North Tyneside Council need this, or it's no work and goodnight).

The accreditation certificate will also allow him to fast track the Constructionline H&S questionaire.
Constructionline might get him more work as a supplier.
It's about £300 from memory - dependant on the size of the company.

Try to stay clear of Safecontractor.
It's a rip-off.
It is only needed if your big customers are signed up to this closed shop extortion racket.
Some of my clients have actually let work go because of the hassle.
Sometimes it isn't worth it for the amount of work gained.

Yes mate we have chas to be able to do work for the council, it also has other bennifits but its a pain in the arse to fill in the forms.
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