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Default Heads up

For all the Scottish lads. Don't touch this job with a barge pole. Aside from the fact that the rate's sh1te, you'll be effectively crossing a picket a line (sort of).
The firm who I won't name at this time apparently told all the lads they were going to be agency workers now losing holiday pay, etc. They further told them if they didn't like it to f@ck off. Credit to the boys, they all walked.
Don't start for this agency paying sh1t money for a company that would treat their men like this.
By the way, it's got absolutely nothing to do with me, this sort of thing just p1sses me off.
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The last time this job in Dalry appeared I seem to remember it was advertised through a firm called Carbon60. I remember questioning the rate then as it was half that of current rates in England and seemed disproportionately low. My feelings haven't changed, none of our colleagues should be expected to work for such a demeaning rate. I do not see that a regional difference should account for this disparity.
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It would be a shame if someone made fake classifieds using the agency mobile numbers on the job ad.
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