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Closed Thread
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Old 19th May 2012
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Angry Algeria... The lies end HERE!!!

Hi guys...

Disclaimer: Before i start, im getting drunk and im going to speak from the heart and tell the truth about the 'Algeria' thing... and im also REALLY f.cuing angry... more then i have been in a long time, far more then the threads that have been posted about me of late

This original thread started that:

Originally Posted by Scotontour
ok lads heres an opportunity.

6 quality scaffolders with minimum 10 years experience wanted for a job on an LNG plant in Algeria. ( scaffolders not supervisors)

hours are 6 days week 10 hours a day. 60 hours
all accomodation in a company guesthouse.
all meals.
flights and visa costs paid by us.

it will take 3 weeks to get a business visa
then the rotation will be 4 weeks in country. back home for 3 weeks to get the work visa then 10 weeks in country.

no part1's allowed
no part2's with less than 10 years experience.

this is a muslim country so the opportunities to go out and socialise are nil.
the situation is safe but everyone needs to be careful.

the money is £1250 per week in country then £250 per week while waiting for the work visa. all monies paid after tax in uk bank account.

pm me and then i require copies of cv's and certs sent to my personnal email.

this is not an agency this is a live opportunity.
or found here >>> click here <<<

Now... a good few hundred Scaffolders applied for this job, including Myself and Garry Adams... 6 was picked.

The member Scotontour or, as some might know him as: Craig Stephen is the supposed 'Project Manager' on this project... but to be fair, he couldn't organise a 10 year olds birthday party in McDonalds.

Ive worked for some really really REALLY bad Firms in the past and the 'so-called' communication from this guy has been dreadful... boarding on shiite.

Each of us 6 contacted each other and struck up a friendship.
I grew close to each bloke and i now consider each of the other 5: Ben, James, Graham, Garry and Stuart a friend.
We texted every other day and spoke on the phone a few times a week, including Skype chats.

Craig/Scotontour works for Cape East... which apparently are a 'professional' Company.

Let me set the fact straight: They are a total f.ucking joke.
We, us 6 (inc. Me) had to chase them up, had to ring them, had to sort things out ourselves... something that THEY should have done, from the start.

Cape East and the Management that Craig Stevens offers is the biggest farcical waste of time ive ever known in all the years i have been Scaffolding...

In the last few months, which i should have already been in Algeria working, had to chase them up for everything... They was late sorting our Visa's, they was late sorting everything.

First, they dumped Stuart... without even offering an explanation nor a sorry... then Garry pulled out, due to the job not seeming all it was.

Which left us to the last 4. Myself, Ben, Graham and James.
We ALL stuck in there, all remained loyal and hopefull that this job would come off.
(Even after Garry left the crew... and i KNEW that if a Scaffolder of Garrys standing had second thoughts = something was wrong)

We all paid money on things for the trip.
We all f.ucked our existing employers about...
We all messed our families about.
We all made ourselves look stupid, by believing this was a 'so-called' opportunity.

It was not...
It was a **** take.
It was a f.ucking joke.
It was a debacle of epic proportions.

The Algeria job is NOT going to happen and if it does, id hate to think that the monkies working for Cape East, ie: Craig Steven and Brian Summers would even be-able to guarantee our safety and wellbeing, if we did go... let alone make sure our wages were paid into the bank each month.

I posted this thread as a fore-warning to others looking to work for Cape East and Scotontour/Craig Stevens.

Beware this man.
He brings ignorance and incompetence to a whole new level...

I mean, even after Garry pulled out, some 3/4 weeks ago they STILL sent him an email today, explaining the job was off for the next week, maybe indefinitely.

How thick are these c.unts???
Do they not communicate?
Not even a little???

So, for me the Algeria job is off, for good.
I will NOT be going... and ill continue to work as i have been for D&R (Rail Div.) in London, until another job comes up abroad.

I dont care about 'burnt bridges' nor do i care about comebacks.
My Spanner on site does my talking and im VERY confident in my abilities at work to post this thread with my head held high.
Theres not a Firm in the world who will stop earning money for myself or my kids... f.uck Cape East and f.uck Craig.

I only feel sorry for those other guys... my new friends who have given up and joacked in alot more then me, to be let down time and time again for these knobs who are running the LNG/Arzew Algeria job.

I still like to keep in contact with my new found mates, Garry, James, Ben, Graham and Stuart.
I WILL keep in contact with them.

I dont give a f.uck...

I dont give a f.uck...

I dont give a f.uck...

All i care about is that the guys here KNOW what putting time, effort and faith into Cape east means...

It means NOTHING.

They are NOT to be trusted.

Thanks for your time.
Jason Gibbs.

Last edited by Jason-Gibbs; 19th May 2012 at 08:01 PM.
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Old 19th May 2012
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gizz a pound j
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scaffy (19th May 2012)
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Old 19th May 2012
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As you know Jason you have my respect for telling it how it is..... I'm really sorry to hear it hasn't worked out for you or the other guys. As you said when Garry walked off alarm bells should have started ringing.

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Originally Posted by orsscaffolding View Post
gizz a pound j
Not now ors....

Member of the Moderation "Fun Police"
If you have an arse, I'll kick it
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Old 19th May 2012
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jason you havent worked for all the bad firms dude ,,,, u have never worked for me bud

ockenden cowboy
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daftscaff (19th May 2012)
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Old 19th May 2012
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What your firm called scaffy

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And Flinty J knows what im all about or he should gutted for him but life goes on and i mean that in a nice way
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Old 19th May 2012
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Sorry To Hear This Jason. It Could Have Been A Really Good Start For You. Still, Rather Regret Something You Have Done Than Something You Havent.
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Old 19th May 2012
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Euro Scaff - scaffolding in Bexhill on Sea - EAST SUSSEX
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Old 19th May 2012
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You said ockendon?
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Old 19th May 2012
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the fact cape east were recruiting on the forum always seemed fishy to me,i thought yous would get the arse ripped out of yous or that nobody with cape wanted to touch it as it was a shiit job.i never for 1 second thouhgt yous would be treated so badly,for men to chuck jobs on the promise of work that never materialised is disgusting especially when they are few and far between. l
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Old 19th May 2012
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sorry to hear that jayson marra and hope ya still working were you are i thats a cants trick that like, hope u garry and the boys find something eles if ya not working and am sure the boys on here could help you out if need be if ya need myself included
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algeria, end, lies

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