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  1. Hi Phil,see yur as busy as.Is blowout still on board??
  2. You still going out tonite Phill?
  3. Belatedly thanks Phil,That was defo useful info .
  4. You got the hang of muti deleting then Fred , i have deleted 100s the past 2 days
  5. to the right of each thread there is a little box , tick that on the threads to be deleted ,
    then go to the bottom of the page and there is another box , change that to say "delete threads" and then push "go" you can do a whole page at once
  6. how are you doin it.. Beat me to the gun on the last 3.
  7. Thanks mate. good luck with your new pc.
  8. Sorry Fred i deleted it without opening it ,it was just a link and nothing else witch looked really odd to me
  9. I dont know i wouldnt open it i had a problem like that my self and what happens is it sends links to sites to everyone in your contacts list for your emails.i will ping it back to you , how i fixed mine ws to chnge the pass word s thats how it gets in so iam told .


  10. Hallo Phil,Strange that one. What did the message say?
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